116 Trophy New Car Build

While Forty40 Racing was established in 2019 as an arrive and drive team, we recognise that there are many who want the experience of owning and running their own car in the series.

As the biggest single team in the 116 Trophy, we are pleased to be able to use our wealth of experience and knowledge of these cars to offer full ground up builds for those racers who want to own their machines rather than rent them.

 Having spent hours on the track with these cars we know the common faults, how to fix them but more importantly how to avoid them.

We aim to build a car in which the new owner can have 100% confidence from the very first outing on track. We embrace the mantra that to finish first, first you must finish and with that in mind we only offer a full service build, with no menu of performance upgrades or lists of options for essential components.

We will build you the best race car we can for a fair price.

Donor Cars

We search hard for our donor cars and only use clean, running road cars that can be fully tested prior to strip down.

Our target mileage for the donor vehicle is between 60,000 and 80,000 miles and a full inspection of each car is conducted prior to purchase

Build specification

All 116 Trophy optional upgrade parts are supplied and fitted


  • TTV Racing lightened fly wheel
  • Sump Baffle Kit
  • Genuine BMW M3 Control Arms
  • Oil cooler and pipework
  • All rubber suspension bushes replaced with Strongflex polyurethane bushes
  • Differential bushes upgraded to Strongflex polyurethane bushes
  • Gearbox mounts upgraded
  • Rear subframe removed, cleaned, powder-coated in a colour of your choice and remounted with upgraded bushes

MSUK Motorsport components supplied and fitted


  • Fixed GP3 seat with wing head protection and removable cushion set on fixed rails
  • Adjustable 6 point FIA harness
  • 350mm Alcantara wheel
  • FIA removable steering wheel boss
  • FIA OMP 4.25l mechanical release fire extinguisher
  • Mechanical battery isolator and pull cables

Engine preparation


  • Engine flush
  • Engine removed and inspected
  • Sump removed, baffle installed along with new oil feed pipe*
  • Timing chain, tensioner, guides replaced
  • VANOS solenoids, cam cogs and timing wheels replaced*
  • Sump, inlet, exhaust, head and cam cover gaskets replaced
  • Cam and Crank Position sensors replaced*
  • Oil cooler plate supplied and fitted with 10 row oil cooler

*common failure points changed to ensure upmost reliability

Car Preparation


  • Redundant interior wiring removed
  • Battery relocated for better weight distribution
  • Roll cage painted
  • Dash board flocked in non-reflective material
  • New OEM brake discs fitted all round
  • MINTEX F6R Front pads fitted
  • MINTEX 1155 Rear pads fitted
  • New Clutch
  • 4 lightweight BMW 16” wheels fitted with new NS2R Series marked tyres
  • Car weighed with a target dry weight of 1150kg
  • Car set up by our experienced race engineer and corner weighted

Delivery and Support Services


  • Delivery to track of customer choosing
  • Seat set up and car overview
  • Track day entry fee and support
  • £13,995.00 inc VAT

Optional Upgrades


  • AIM SOLO2 DL installed, tested and connected to the car via CAN
  • Provides lap data and driver input on numerous channels for performance analysis
  • Includes tuition on the hand over day on software use and configuration

£800.00 inc VAT

  • Digital Two way Pit to Car radio system supplied and installed
  • All looms fed into the car, push to talk button installed on steering wheel and system tested
  • Includes mechanic headset and radio plus driver helmet set

£699.00 inc VAT

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